The Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild will meet Saturday, January 15, 2011 at the Pearl Library beginning at 10:00 a.m. and running until 3:30 p.m. Mark your calendars for a day of fun and fellowship.

Congratulations to our new officers. Debbie Rhodes will serve as President , Kay Earles as Vice President and Susan Luckett as Librarian for the next two year term. Arlene Harrison will continue as Secretary/Webmaster and Annette Harris as Treasurer for the next two year term. A huge THANK YOU goes out to Joyce King for her excellent leadership during the past two years and to Myra Crow for her service as Librarian. Thanks to everybody who makes our Guild a fun place to be!

For our January meeting, Arlene Harrison is going to share with us how she makes her Alphabet Ornaments as well as other items that she has made using the same technique. This will be a good opportunity to use some of our scrap clay and canes. If you don’t want to make a Alphabet Ornament, bring one of your favorite cookie cutters in a shape that makes you smile.

The supply list for this meeting is:

Clay (preferably Premo -- conditioned)
• Scrap Clay
• Assorted canes (optional – you can make these without canes – they just aren’t as pretty!)
• Gold Clay – conditioned
• White clay – conditioned
• Any color clay of your choice (should coordinate with your canes) – conditioned

“Must have” Tools and Supplies:
• Be sure to bring your normal travel kit with a minimum of your pasta machine, roller, clay blade, ceramic tile or other work surface, baby wipes.
• Deli Paper
• Knitting needle or long pointy tool from the Sculpey Tool Starter Kit
• Texture tool or plate – shallow works best for the back, fairly deep for the front
• Spray bottle of water

“If you have them” Supplies:
• A tissue blade is very handy for cutting cane slices
• Genesis Heat Set Paint (clear) medium (Arlene will have some to share)
• Flat paint brush to use with Genesis
• Name/Date Stamp
• Cookie Cutter in your favorite shape

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