Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild will meet Saturday, March 19, 2011 at the Pearl Library beginning at 10:00 a.m. and running until 3:30 p.m.  Mark your calendars for a day of fun and fellowship and learning more about working with polymer clay. 
This month Jennifer will be sharing with us how to make a mosaic design with polymer clay tiles that we create from scratch!  This is going to be a fun meeting and a great project that you can take and run with so plan to be there!

 The supply list for this meeting is: 

Clay (preferably Premo -- conditioned)
·       White Clay - full brick - conditioned
·       Black Clay - full brick - conditioned
·       Gold - full brick - conditioned
·       Another color of your choice - full brick conditioned (this will act as like your base color for your mosaic piece...meaning, if you want a mosaic that has hues of blue, then use blue clay, if you want a mosaic that has hues of pink, use pink clay...and on and on)

“Must have” Tools and Supplies:
·       Be sure to bring your normal travel kit with a minimum of your pasta machine, roller, clay blade, ceramic tile or other work surface, baby wipes. 
·       Craft knife
·       Paint brush and acrylic paints (in colors that go with the overall mosaic color you are going for)
·       Metallic Powders like Pearl Ex
·       Rub On Metallic Wax (Rub ‘n Buff)
·       Rubber Stamps - any designs and alphabets
·       If you want to incorporate crystals, seed beads and/or metal findings in your mosaic, bring some of those
·       Genesis or Liquid Clay
·       Flat wooden board (Both Michael's and Hobby Lobby have craft wood in various sizes...because we are going to literally make our tiles from scratch, may I suggest you not purchase a large piece of wood - would rather you work this first time on a small piece - like a 5" x 7" piece or smaller.  If you want to buy a box, go for it and you can mosaic the top/sides)
·       Weldbond Glue or E6000
·       Ruler and/or Marxit tool

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