The March meeting of the Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild will be on Saturday, March 17, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. at the Pearl Library, Pearl, Mississippi.  One of the things that was mentioned by several guild members when we asked what y’all wanted to learn this year was flower canes.  It’s been a while since we worked on flower canes so for our March meeting Arlene will be working with everybody to create several variations of a flower cane and a shaded leaf cane.

While you certainly can make your flower canes with the clay straight from the package, Arlene suggests that you take some time between now and the meeting and mix your own flower color(s). She recommends that it NOT be in the pastel range since we will be working with skinner blends and a fair amount of white.  A richer more intense color will give you a better gradation.  You will need the approximate equivalent of a 2 oz. block for each flower cane you want to make. Don’t stress if you don’t have time to do this.  One of my favorite flower canes was made with purple straight from the package.  If time allows, I would like to make three different flower canes and one leaf cane.  I strongly encourage you to create a pleasing green for your leaf cane because I have yet to see a nice leaf green straight out of the package.  Again, be sure you have the approximate equivalent of a 2 oz block and make sure it is dark enough to have a good contrast in a skinner blend.

The supply list:

Clay (preferably Premo)
Approximate Equivalent of 2 oz package in three flower colors of your choice
Approximate Equivalent of 2 oz package in a pleasing leaf color
4 packages White clay - CONDITIONED
2-3 packages Translucent clay – unless you want to go borderless

“Must have” Tools and Supplies:
Be sure to bring your normal travel kit with a minimum of your pasta
machine, clear roller, clay blade, ceramic tile or other work surface,
baby wipes.
Extruder -- if you want a translucent border on your flower canes
plastic wrap
small knitting needle – about as big around as a coffee stirrer

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