Carol Simmons 
will be presenting her Mokume Gane Workshop 
March 9 & 10, 2013
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The November meeting of the Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild will be on Saturday, November 17, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. at the Pearl Library, Pearl, Mississippi.  The theme for November is Bracelets!  Debbie is going to walk us through the basics of making three types of bracelets – Bangle, Tiles and Cuff.  With each bracelet we make you will learn a technique that you can use in anything - not just bracelets. I know the supply list is long, but we'll be making three/four bracelets. Each one will be a different style of bracelet.
Just as a reminder, be sure to dress in layers.  We have no control over the temperature in the room where we meet and sometimes it is hot, sometimes cold.  Best to be prepared.  Also, if you've made a name tag, but sure to wear it since we have several new members (and some of us old members don't have a great memory for names!!!

Now for our supply list: 
Scrap Clay
1 – 2 Blocks of Black clay
1 – 2 Blocks of White clay
1 – 5 Blocks of clay of additional colors of your choice 
Skinner Blends - Canes to make a Decorative pattern sheet 
Liquid Clay (TLC)


Be sure to bring your normal travel kit with a minimum of your pasta machine, clear roller, clay blade, ceramic tile or other work surface, baby wipes.
A sharp flexible blade – both a tissue blade and a wavy blade if you have them
Candy paper (we will have some to share 
Super Glue
Tacky Glue
Texture sheet for the inside
Two 3mm Knitting needles 
Embossing Gun or Heat Gun
0.7 - 1mm Beading Stretch Magic
Round Baking mold / Nested cookie cutter or Coke Can - (The circumference of the form should be large enough for your hand to slide through)
Round Kemper Cutters in Small/Medium/Large sizes
Extruder & discs
Parchment paper
Tape/ Glue sticks
12 in. Ruler (sorry, but yes you will need one)
Sand paper 120 or 180 to 400 to 1000
Bowl for water (sanding)
Pack of playing cards


Buna Cord
Bracelet Blank or/and Cuff blank

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