February's meeting notes

The February meeting of the Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild will be on Saturday February 20, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. at the Pearl Library, Pearl, Mississippi. In this meeting we are going to demo faux Dichroic glass.

February: Dichroic 

   Teach: the use of Resin 
                use of Foils
                use alcohol inks
                use of how to make a bezel
                use of Pearl Ex powders
                using deep impression stamps
                use of leaf

   Projects: necklace with a bezel, pin like a non- bezeled leaf, a pendant of foiled black clay into a mosaic dichroic glass

·        Ice Resin that comes in a syringe set up. Hobby Lobby carries this but only 3 at a time.
·        Magic Gloss (with Lamp). Hobby Lobby sometimes carries the gloss. They only appear to be ordering 1 bottle at a time however. You can order this online, but try what we'll have first as you may want the lamp that  goes  with it and you will probably order the magic gloss too.     
·        Foils  Be careful if you are looking to purchase other than Lisa's foils. Some do and some don't work on clay.

·        Alcohol Inks
·        Leaf: this is the thin, flyaway you will find in the craft stores. I would start this with the silver (aluminum color)
·        clay for Bezel: 2 bars of black clay for the day should work well
·        Pearl Ex Powders -available at craft stores
·        deep impression stamp
·         Pin back  bring your texture sheet from Jan. meeting to use
·        Stencil or silk screen for a pattern small enough for a pendant
·        Embossing cutter- check the baking section of Hobby Lobby if you want your own- they run $3 instead of the $10-$15 range in crafting for this and they are the same.
·        Tiny paint brush for applying pearl ex   
·        popsicle stick 
·        disposable container for mixing     
·        small scissors   
·        cornstarch or release of your choice, like spray bottle of water

·        Bezel -Hobby Lobby has their brand that’s cheaper in the jewelry aisle- Any shape you prefer.

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