May Meeting Notes & Supply List

The May meeting of the Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild will be on Saturday, May19th, at 10:00 a.m. at the Pearl Library, Pearl, Mississippi.  The focus for this meeting will be fairy houses and while it will be a project based meeting, we will explore various techniques to create our own fairy houses.  Several members have been collecting small glass Oui Yogurt cups (available at Walmart – and by the way, the yogurt is delicious!) to share as a beginning point or you can bring whatever you want to build your fairy house on. 

Another way to prepare for this meeting is to do an internet search – or go to my favorite inspiration place - Pinterest – for fairy houses and get some ideas about how you want yours to look.  This is going to be a fun, relaxed, easy-going meeting so collect your ideas so you’ll be ready to create.  Print them out if you can or save them to your phone for reference.  Here’s the link to my Fairy Houses Pinterest Board but there is a world of information out there.  These are not my designs but ones that I’ve collected and added to the board for future reference.


Bring at least three (3) packages of clay in colors that you think your fairy will like.  My fairies like bright colors! As always, bring at least one block each of black and white in addition to your colored clay and at least 1 package of green for leaves and vines (even if you have a leaf cane).


Normal clay supplies including tissue blade and pasta machine
Work surface (smooth 12 inch ceramic tiles work well and are available at Lowe’s or Home Depot)
Texture plates and/or small molds (my favorite is the blue Sculpey wood texture plate - back in stock at Michaels)
Small jewelry type findings or charms that you think your fairy might like
Fairies like shiny things so bring anything shiny that you want to add (flatback crystals, beads, etc.)
Clay extruder and dies (optional but very handy in making vines)
Liquid clay, Bake ‘n Bond, or Genesis Clear Medium
Leaf and flower canes (if you have a stash)
Small cutters (teardrop, flowers, hearts, whatever you might have)
Circle cutters in various sizes
Lucy Clay Slicer if you have one


We have had several people attend our meetings recently.  Our Guild’s policy is that a person can attend 2 meetings free.  After that, people have the option to pay $5.00 per meeting or join the Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild.  Our membership year begins in June with an annual membership fee of $20.00.  The prorated new member fee is $2.00 per month, so members joining in May would pay $2.00 for May, then renew in June with the rest of the guild. 

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