Travel Toolkit for Polymer Clay Classes


Roller of some sort, acrylic, hollow works well for adding slices of cane to

Blades- a flexible and a stiff blade

Clay- an extra 2 oz package of black, gold, translucent, white, pearl, and a range of colors that you enjoy is always good to have with you. We recommend Premo and Kato brands for most things.

Shape cutters, Kemper cutters, cookie cutters, or whatever brand you enjoy


Exacto knife or sissors

Pasta machine with C clamp for any type table and handle, or motor

12x12 tile for work surface with non skid piece under it, or any work surface you enjoy that will allow the table surface to remain uncut

Cornstarch for non stick effects with brush

Small spray bottle of water

Clay tools you enjoy working with

Sharpie magic marker and pen or pencil

Something to make holes in clay for beads or item we are working on-needle tool, straw, or anything you prefer

Good baby wipes with added alcohol to them, the cheap ones will leave fibers on your hands and clays

Acrylic piece for making beads from scraps

Glad wrap or Ziplock bags for scraps and done projects (Glad wrap does not react with polymer clay)

Notebook for notes

Wire, 20 gauge, non tarnishing wire is good for adding a finding to a bead or item, 28 gauge for wiring beads and crystals into clay

Deli wraps to work on if in addition to tile

Patina paint- Liquitex Basic paints work well for this, a brown of choice and occasionally you will want other colors

Pieces of old sponge for creating patina along with old small paint brush-The cheap cloth sponges you can get from the dollar store work well

Small container to hold water

Texture plates, deeply etched stamps, or texture stamps

Foil leafing in colors of choice, gold, silver or copper are easily available

A sketch diary is nice to have

Something to carry your unbaked pieces home undamaged- I like to use a box top

Wet/Dry sandpaper in 400 and 600 for finishing your work

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