October Meeting Notes & Supply List

The October meeting of the Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild will be on Saturday, October 20th  at the Pearl Public Library from 10am to 3pm. We’re thinking Fall this meeting and have a jam packed meeting planned. First up is a fall color extruded Retro Pixilated Cane.

Secondly Joyce will demo a sugar mold of leaves. Using liquid clays now available and alcohol inks for coloring, this will float your boat. You are welcome to share the mold, or you may be interested in purchasing your own. Google SugarVeil Confectioner’s mat. You can also use any of the lacy ones Hobby Lobby has and cut it into a leaf, or layer it over a leaf. Joyce will have a candle holder for each person to create their own fall candle holder. These might be lovely at your Thanksgiving table.

And lastly we will go over how to make a leaf into a pin. We will be using alcohol inks over clay, silk screened, edged and cut into a leaf. We will go over resin with this leaf and you may add any embellishments you would like to, as long as they are bakeable.  

This will be a lot to cover, so please come with your fall colors conditioned, you don’t need that much, as well as some white and some black. You can condition as you catch up for the rest of the day. Conditioning clay pre-meeting allows us to get more demo’s and projects done.

Since we’re so close to Christmas you can bring colors for a pixilated cane in colors for that too. As long as you have your extruder, might as well get 2 or 3 done.


Clay: brown, orange, green, yellow, red, black and white for the pixilated cane for fall.
          reds, greens white and black for Christmas.
Liquid clay: your choice of any of the Sculpey Liquid clays. We will use alcohol inks to mix fall colors. There is a pearl, silver and gold easy to buy at Joann’s fabric store on East County line. Michaels carries all those and there are 2 Michael’s stores. I would recommend starting with the pearl. White, black and clear liquid clay are available online only. Translucent will work for this also.

Alcohol Inks: Fall colors of your choosing for leaves

Clay for a ring bowl. You can make this any color you like. It should take a ½ bar.

Mica Powder and small brush to color your bowl.

Extruder with very small circle and/or square tips

Cutter for cutting clay circles to fit in your extruder

Leaf for impression

Silk Screen in pattern of choice for your leaf and paint of your choice to go over clay you will shape like a leaf. If you prefer you can bring a stencil of choice with something like mica powders or pan pastels and applicator.

Resin the Demo will use Lisa Pavelka’s Magic Gloss and her Light


Texture for back of pin

Translucent liquid clay as a glue for candle holder.


September CMSPCG Meeting & Supply Notes

The September meeting of the Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild will be on Saturday, September 15, 2018, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Pearl Library, Pearl, Mississippi

This month we are going to work on a project we didn’t get to do last month. Joyce will supply a template and you will supply the clay. You can make this planter with one bar of clay if you set the pasta machine at a 3. I would count on more than a bar of clay so you can extrude if you want an extruded edge and you can make it thicker for your first try. I used white on mine so I just bought a large bar and didn’t need to worry about it. The best part of this is what you do to the white clay any way. But also we will work on some succulents to add to your planter. So you will want some translucent and greens at least too. The attached picture is what we will be completing. You’re welcome to make as many as you like.

You need to put a little thought into this before the meeting. You can google and check pinterest for ideas. Please bring what you might like to decorate with anything that will bake. I have used silk screen and I’m planning to try several things like transfers, rubberstamps and stencils…


Large Bar of White Premo clay.
Any colors you might like to use on a planter. I’m thinking an ombre might look lovely, so I would want several colors that blend into that look.  Always bring more then you expect to use.  

Translucent Clay for the succulents with a touch of green to color. You can also color with alcohol inks.

Imagination: You may make this any way, any color with anything on it!

***Bring any assortment of: crystals, canes, mica powders, pan pastels, transfers, silk screens, paints, stencils, rubberstamps, alcohol inks, basically anything your heart desires ***

I can’t express strongly enough this is the fun part! Please bring a variety if you plan to make more than one. The first one I made I silk screened. I will be happy to demo anything someone is unfamiliar with using.

Twine (and anything you might want to add to the twine, such as beads.

Cutter that will make a hole big enough for your twine.

Extruder with tip that you want to use for a lip

Liquid Polymer Clay or Bake and Bond

Glaze if you want it to look shiny

TWO 4 x4 tiles for each of the 3 sides so they remain flat (6 in total) if you have them

A razor blade (old fashion kind that lets you hold one side) works well for cutting into the sides of this. I will have extras.

Foam pad for shaping succulent leaves, I will have extras. I just cut up a thick foam pad

Some sort of pink to add to the tips of the succulent that you have. Mica powder, pan pastel, paint…and whatever you need to apply it with. Brush etc.