CMSPCG May's Meeting Note

The May meeting of the Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild will be on Saturday May 21, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. at the Pearl Library, Pearl, Mississippi. Joyce is going to demo something new to our Guild with Claying on canvas.  She is going to show us how to create a painted, layered scene with PC sculpturing ‘beach’ creature and items on a 5x7 canvas.  Debbie will also demo a layered scene for a small necklace.  

MAY 2016: Clay Scenery and Mini Canvases
Projects: clay scene on canvas, necklace size scene, what goes into creating a dragonfly, sand dollar, starfish and turtle

Items to bring:
1. Clays: always have plenty of white, black, and translucent in your work bag. Additionally bring a selection of colors that appeal to you for this meeting. For the smaller scene please bring a selection of 3 metallic clays you will enjoy putting together. For the dragonfly, turtle, sand dollar, and starfish we recommend a selection of:  pearl, ecru, gold, green, turquoise, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, Pretty much will be making your own colors so have a good selection.

2. Liquid clay and applicator- paint brush or whatever you enjoy using

3. Sculpting tools

4. Teardrop black glass beads- Available

5. Canvas- Provided

6. 28-32 gauge wire and wire cutter

7. Selection of crystals and beads you might use in your sculpted pieces- Glass ones (bakeable)

8. toothpick or needle tool

9. Jewelry tools if you have them

10. Mica powders


CMSPCG March 's Meeting Note

The March meeting of the Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild will be on Saturday March 19, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. at the Pearl Library, Pearl, Mississippi. In this meeting we are going to demo faux Stones using Alcohol Inks and White Translucent clay.

Moving forward we will try to get the supply list a month in advance should you need to order any supplies or use coupons from the craft store if looking to purchase any of items. We will do our best to have some items you would need to order or have the big ticket item ‘Available’ for you at the meeting so you can try before you purchase it.
March: Faux Stones

    Teach: Faux Abalone Stone
                Carnelian Stone
                Amethyst Stone

   Projects:  make a mini bowl
                Amethyst= Mini CF bird
                Carnelian= a “Ring bowl”
                Faux Abalone= Button

Supply notes: 

Available= some guild member have the items and will be happy to share it with you for the meeting

  • 2 blocks Premo White Translucent clay (DO NOT CONDITION)
  • 2 blocks Premo Pearl clay (white) (DO NOT CONDITION)
  • Liquid polymer clay to mix with black oil paint
  • Knitting needle size 6 or 7 to spread ink on clay -available at craft stores
  • Note/Index cards
  • Gloves
  • Alcohol Inks: Jacquard Pinata Inks: Baje Blue / Passion Purple / Tangerine / Calabeza Orange /
         Burro Brown  You can get Jacquard Pinata Inks on
  • Ranger Inks: Sunshine Yellow -available at craft stores
  • Stiff paintbrush for applying oil paint
  • Ball stylus- available at craft stores
  • Small Bowl / light bulb / for making ring bowl
  • Amazing Mold Putty - available at craft stores
  • Your favorite buttons 
  • Beads 3-6 mm - available at craft stores
  • Headpins - available at craft stores

SUPPLIED:  Debbie will bring
6 Different colors pearl clay
Metal foil
Gold & Pearl-ex Macro pearl mica powder
Black Oil Paint
Off-White Acrylic Paint

Ikea small bowls