October Meeting Notes & Supply List

The October meeting of the Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild will be on Saturday, October 19th, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Pearl Library, Pearl, Mississippi.  Debbie, Joyce and Arlene will each teach a flower cane of their choosing.  If time allows, we will also make a Stroppel cane using the cane ends and blend left overs.  

Clay Supplies:

Debbie’s Flower Cane

1 block of pearl clay in your choice of color

1 block of white glitter clay

1 block of regular clay in your choice of color

1 block of light color clay

2 bars of translucent clay

1 block of black clay
1 block of white clay

Arlene’s Organic Flower cane – Back by request

For the petal cane we will be using a three color blend.   Some suggested combinations might be purple/fushia, blue/turquoise, orange/yellow, alizarin crimson/red.  White will be added as the third color. We will also make a yellow and black lace cane for the center. 

1 block each of two coordinating colors

1 block of white

1/4 block of yellow

1block of black

Joyce’s Dotted Flower Cane

2 blocks of white

1 block of Brown

1 block of Translucent

1 block of the Color you want your flower to be

1 block of either brown or black for dots( or whatever twangs your fancy)  

Other Supplies

Usual clay supplies including pasta machine, work surface and good cutting blade

Tissue blade

Extruder with round tip


September CMSPCG Meeting Notes & Supply List

The September meeting of the Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild will be on Saturday, September 21st, at 10:00 a.m. at the Pearl Library, Pearl, Mississippi.  Debbie will take the lead in exploring some fun Batik techniques.  This will be a focused Batik Play Day so if you have a favorite batik technique, bring whatever you need to share that with the group. 


3 Blocks of Premo pearl colors

1 Block of regular polymer clay

1 Block of white pearl

1 Block of translucent

1 Block of ecru


Normal clay supplies including tissue blade and pasta machine
An Exacto type craft knife with sharp blade
Work surface (smooth 12 inch ceramic tiles work well)
Deep Stamps
Texture plate
rAlcohol inks and applicator
Pearl Ex powder
Craft Foil
Pan Pastels
Paint 2-3 colors
Kato Liquid and wide paint brush
Kato Repel Gel and a small fine tip paint brush
Postal packing tape
Paint brushes
Heat Gun
Acrylic roller
Makeup sponges
(2 to 3) 3x3 tiles
Shape cutters
Spray bottle of water
Paper towels
Copy paper