July Meeting Notes & Supply List

The Central Mississippi PCG will meet on Sat. the 20th of July at the Pearl Library from 10am until 3pm. We will be demoing the many uses of Stencils with polymer clay using a number of different techniques and mediums.

Please remember there is no temperature adjustments for the room and dress comfortable for cold or hot.


1. leaf

2. foil

3. acrylic paint (water based)

4. pan pastels

5. chalks

6. mica powders

7. mica powders and alcohol inks

8. metal powders

9. embossing powder


Clay: White, Black, Translucent

(You don’t need to bring a ton of each thing. One or two will work. One color piece of leaf would be enough and 2 colors of mica powders for some contrast type idea.) If you have the following please bring to play along with us.


Leaf (gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf, variegated leaf, etc.)

Pan pastels


Mica powders

Metal powders

Alcohol ink


Embossing powder

Tape or packing tape




Baby wipes

Paper towel

Small tiles

Open cut lace

Deep stamp


Deli paper or wax

Candy paper


Metallic paint

Stencils – smaller jewelry design will work best


June Meeting Notes & Supply List

The June meeting of the Central Mississippi Polymer Clay Guild will be on Saturday, June 15th, at 10:00 a.m. at the Pearl Library, Pearl, Mississippi.  Debbie and Joyce will be leading a day of FAUX LABORDORITE. This is an awesome stone that you can do a lot with and you can use the techniques from this demo for so much more. We are sending this supply list as early as possible because some of these items may have to be ordered.  For this technique to be successful you will need the exact colors and supplies listed. 

Supplies you will need:

1 bar each of the following Premo brand clay:

Bright Green Pearl

Peacock Pearl

Magenta Pearl




Cad Yellow



Several Bars of the following Premo:



You will also need the following tools in addition to your normal stash of work equipment:

Acrylic Roller

Copy Paper- a sheet or two

Something you can pierce the clay with that is very, very thin ( you’re trying to make mineral look alike)

Dull blade, such as your floor blade to be able to push your clay into a small block

Sharp tissue blade

Something to put your slices of clay on (transparency sheet with cardstock in it or tile)

NOTE:  June is membership renewal month.  Membership is $20 a year and our fiscal year from June to May of each year.  Membership forms will be available at the meeting.